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Member of the Wilmslow Business Group

It's thanks to you I've managed to make a career out of photography. I'll always remember when you told me to 'stop learning and start earning' when I suggested topping up my graphic design qualification to a degree after completing my City & Guilds. It was the best advice you could have given as I stepped straight into the county photographers shoes when she went off on maternity leave

What a great email.  You get A*** for giving encouragement and boosting confidence!Anyway, it was a really good session and I think I learned a lot.

Once again I want to thank you all for your very valuable time, energy and enthusiasm for the project and I know none of it would have happened if it hadn't been for you guys giving so much, the difference you have made to the ladies is tremendous and to  me immeasurable.  THANK YOU TO INFINITY AND BEYOND  (NHS Lilac centre)

Never thought I could find a photographer who could turn around the shots within such a short deadline.  THANKS!

I find this site to be excellent ! it would be nice if more main stream museums here in the states would do the same in their Egyptology Departments ! It seems that this UK museum is ahead of the curve in how they are exhibiting the world of ancient Egypt, to the masses, enjoy (Fitzwilliam Museum. Virtual Kemett)

Hi Richard

Thanks for a great session.  As usual you had me spellbound. I have printed the "Enhanced Falls"  it looks great.

I passed only due to your enthusiasm and knowledge...

Hi Richard, just a quick note to say thanks for the magical course you ran last year..

Great course! You really got the best from me...

I didn't think I could be so artistic, which was only possible with your enthusiasm and the way you gave me so much confidence in what I did, always finding the best in me...

The photographic briefs you set were brilliant, it helped me to develop my own style

We are all having a lovely time on your course and beginning to see the world through the eye of the lens

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